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Extremely safe, extremely innovative: windows for shipbuilding, plant engineering and civil engineering

Pressure-tight windows for every application on land and at sea. Our traditional company, founded in 1895, supplies high-performance windows, portholes, sight glasses etc. for extreme requirements worldwide. As co-founder and head of the German Industrial Standard’s ship-window committee, we set standards.

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Our focal points

  • 1. the new freak wave safe fff window for shipbuilding with the patented clamping system

  • 2. high-tech special windows for e.g. shipwreck rescue boats, naval ships, mega yachts etc.

  • 3. security window solutions for plant construction, pressure-tight and maintenance-free

  • 4. special window solutions for building construction – safe even in extreme weather conditions 

  • 5. towing hook according to patent Knief, production and testing

Fehrmann augmented reality

World novelty

In 2021, we will be presenting an innovation for the ship's bridge: Experience the fusion of freak wave-proof high-tech windows with digital features. More safety and comfort through individualised information tailored to your needs.


Catharina Ostrowski
Stenzelring 19
21107 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 75 24 63 16
Fax: +49 40 75 24 63 11

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