Minimum installation costs, maximum safety even with freak waves

The high-strength fff ship windows from innovation leader Fehrmann

They are still primarily installed in police boats, patrol vessels and, in particular, on the extremely seaworthy, heavy weather rescue cruisers of the legendary Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS), where they ensure the greatest possible safety under the toughest conditions. Now Fehrmann, specialist for pressure-tight windows since 1982, opens the distribution of its patented fff windows for further ship groups, national and international.

600 percent more resistance to failure compared to windows commonly available on the market: even in tests according to naval standards (MIL-S-901D & MIL-STD-167-1A), in which shock and vibration tests showed that the windows withstood more than 10 times the acceleration of gravity. This gain in safety for crew and cargo not only during autumn storms has already convinced several shipping companies to equip their ships with fff windows. Others rely on the innovative window system because it makes upgrades quick and easy: Complete windows can be replaced within a few minutes – without any hot work. This is made possible by a patented clamping system that completely eliminates the need for screws or adhesives. To install or replace a fff window, all you need is a hex wrench or a cordless screwdriver.

This low installation effort reduces the working hours and thus the installation costs by up to 80 percent compared to a weld-in frame of the same size. At the same time, the risk of cost and delay-causing damage to newly installed windows due to carelessness during the hot work is reduced by up to 70 percent; fff windows will not be used in a ship newbuilding until after the end of the hot work and will also be used flexibly according to the progress of the construction work. In this way, up to 6,000 euros can be saved per fff window set of 30 units.

Made of aluminum, these windows are much stronger and lighter than conventional products, which saves ballast in the keel.

Additional advantages of the fff clamping system:

  • Higher tolerances acceptable on window openings
  • High design freedom for frame and glass
  • Maximum visibility - slimmer window mullions possible
  • With or without corner radius
  • Without black border on the glass
  • No screwed joints = no corrosion
  • Reduced risk of injury in case of damage (no screwheads breaking off because there are no screws)

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