Fehrmann ALLOYS – concentrated strength in metal powders for 3D printing

"An alloy of aluminum and magnesium is hard to cast, almost impossible to print and they certainly can't be welded" – thus the accepted opinion in the industry. But at Fehrmann we do this every day. From 'impossible' high-performance alloys that we develop ourselves, we manufacture safety cast parts of outstanding quality that are used in pipelines, on roller coasters and in gas plants worldwide. Fehrmann is actually the only German foundry that develops and manufactures its own aluminum. The high-performance aluminum alloys we have developed are the first choice for 3D printing as well.

The company's aluminum expertise is based on 70 years' experience with the metal. Uwe Fehrmann, the father of the present managing director Henning Fehrmann, invented an aluminum that is 300% more ductile than other standard alloys available today. Fehrmann now has some 40 years' experience in the development of highperformance aluminum alloys. Intensive cooperation with leading research facilities such as the Helmholtz Centre for Materials Research, the Fraunhofer IAPT and DESY have yielded many new alloys that set new market standards. Especially alloys suitable for 3D printing, a technology that the Fehrmann company has been working on since it was first introduced. Henning Fehrmann is a leading member of various expert bodies including the Hamburg 3D Network, which aims to expedite innovations in the field.

Fehrmann's strong competence in developing materials for 3D printing is ideally complemented by the Cremer Group's many years of experience in buying and selling metal powders for additive manufacturing. Hamburg family firm CREMER also brings to the table 70 years' experience of international trade in raw materials and minerals, including the relevant logistics, and recently started selling metal powder for 3D printing. With 67 subsidiaries and 30 sales units throughout the world, CREMER is one of the big global players. A strong connection for marketing the new alloy AlMgty international together under the name Fehrmann ALLOYS.

The two family firms combine their respective competences in the new company Fehrmann ALLOYS, offering a worldwide full service for 3D printing that is unique in this form: consulting, development, production and supply of high-performance metal powders with tailor-made properties.

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Henning Fehrmann, Fehrmann GmbH (henning.fehrmann@fehrmann.tech)
Anthony Cremer, Geschäftsführer Possehl Erzkontor GmbH & Co. KG (acremer@erzkontor.com)

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