AlMgty - for color anodized components in metal 3D printing

The high-performance aluminum alloy that can do more

With the silicon-free high-performance aluminum alloy AlMgty, Fehrmann ALLOYS makes it possible for the first time to add colour to metal parts produced by additive manufacturing.

Until now, the colour grey-brown has dominated metal 3D printing, because components made of the primarily related standard alloy AlSi10Mg cannot be anodised well due to its silicon content of 9 to 11 percent. This means that additive manufacturing has not been an option for companies that needed colored anodized metal parts as unique specimens or in small series until now. AlMgty is changing this, because the high-performance alloy developed by Hamburg-based aluminium specialist Fehrmann ALLOYS does not require silicon. As a result, parts and components printed with AlMgty can be easily anodised in various colours - as corrosion protection and for decorative purposes. The photo shows two components made of AlMgty additive: a converted and half turned tension rod and a small plate. Both test parts were built by Andreas Wiesner (Additive Manufacturing & Research) on a standard SLM Solutions SLM 280 HL system. They were then anodised in dark red or gold, the anodised layer being approx. 25 microns thick. The platelet was then polished. "Powder, reinvented!" is the AlMgty slogan, because with its innovative alloys, Fehrmann ALLOYS GmbH is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible with metal powders. To this end, the company cooperates closely with research institutes for materials research and development such as DESY, Fraunhofer Institutes and the Helmholtz Centre for Materials Research, Geesthacht.

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