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Expert and innovation driver in metal powders for 3D printing

Fehrmann ALLOYS is a competence center for 3D printing with metal powders. With its own high-performance aluminum alloys, many years of experience and a high level of materials expertise combined with metal printing know-how, the company offers a unique complete service for all aspects of metallic materials for 3D printing: consulting, development, production and the supply of high-performance metal powders with customized properties. The ALLOYS team also supplies you with all standard powders in proven quality – worldwide.

Together with leading research institutes, Fehrmann ALLOYS develops new alloys with unique properties and at a good price, e.g. AlMgty. The company’s history is the foundation of ALLOYS. For decades we have been producing safety components by sand casting from our own, self-developed high-performance aluminum alloys for pressure vessels and explosion areas.

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Our focal points

  • 1. Production and approval of safety components made of corrosion-resistant high-performance aluminum and bronze alloys.

  • 2. Development of corrosion-resistant ultra-high-performance alloys with outstanding mechanical properties for castings (in cooperation with scientific research institutes).

  • 3. Development of corrosion-resistant high-performance alloys for 3D metal printing.


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Market innovation

Additively manufactured prototype and mass production in sand casting from the same alloy? With very similar mechanical properties? Impossible? Not for you. With AlMgty, our newly developed high-performance aluminum alloy system.

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Torsten Reul
Fehrmann Alloys GmbH & Co. KG
Stenzelring 19
21107 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 75 24 63 14
Fax +49 40 75 24 63 11

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